Ok, it has finally happened. I have finally misspelled Gmail. For like 5 minutes I tried to sign into my email but typed it greemail. Like green mail. I just sat there, waiting for it to work and not understanding why it didn’t. I cannot describe how illiterate I feel

why i should not be a father

You know all of those people that are like, “I should never be a parent.” well I am one of them. I actually have a reason though. I would try to name my kids normal sounding names, like Dan, or Chuck, or Sara, or Liz. And then, when people ask, “Hey that’s a cool name, is it short for anything?” they will say, yah. Dan is short for danger, chuck is short for Chuckles (like the clown) Sara is short for saran (like the rap), and Liz is short for lizard. At least I did not name them stupid names, right

one day week

so my school has only one day this week, because we have friday off, and two snow days, so today is the whole week. it is monday, because it is the first day, and also friday, it is also wednesday because it is the middle of the week, and thursday, because it is thursday. also we had taco’s, so it was taco tuesday. we had a one day week today at The Crefeld School,

perhaps the most motivational thing ever

Update: Home dog

Update: some of you might remember my post about my “home dog”. His name is Toby which short for Toby t. dog, and the t stands for the. his nicknames are many, including but not limited to tobster and tobuscus. so anyhoo tonight I figured out that in stead of calling him the dog, as the peoples do, we can call him the dog. or we can be super cool and call him T. dog because T sounds like the, and it can stand for Toby. it is also a super cool home dog name. like where’s t. dog at. I am still geeking out. Gosh golly gee wizicles. ¬

Home dog

ok so some of you will know that i have a dog. he is fluffy. whenever i come home i run in, and he starts yapping, and then i start to act like a gangsta and a make a fox with my hand. i then say whats up home dog. my dog never responds. i always think its the funniest thing ever. other people, not so much

It’s really freaky though

have you ever noticed how scary/strange some normal sounding expressions are. like this video will touch your heart, or feed your brain. I would be scared if something foreign to my body touched my heart. Like how did it get there. do I have a gaping hole in me. Also feeding the brain is just as strange. every time i hear this i think of a giant brain monster. it might go and terrorize the library, ripping books of the shelves and shoving them into its wrinkles. This is why it is fun to say things like that.

Sad birthday

Ok, so this is super late, like more then a month late, but i just found out that while i was having cake and growing older, Nelson Mandela was dying (My 16th Birthday was his 1st Death day). i also found out that when i turned one was the day Al Gore died (an even playing field 1,1 all). But it is International Soil Day, and Walt Disney was also born then, so it is not too bad.

my idea for a senior prank

paint the chamber of secrets has been opened

on the wall next to the social workers office

then get a girl to go to the commons and look dead and havetwo dudes run around the school trying to findher.

Eventually get to the commons (working up a crowd) and one ofthe dudes falls down after stabbing a book (maybe math)

Then have a person dressed as a bird fly in and savethem.

Last a teacher dressed as snape sould walk into the crowd andsay 100 points to griffen door.